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How Long Can Cats Go Without Food?

If you are a cat person, you would know that they are more like a family.  We tend to note their behavior patterns and the question that comes to our mind when they stop eating is how long can cats go without food. The other reason for this question coming to our mind is when you are going for an overnight trip or going out for a whole day. Another question that comes to your mind is how much cat food per day your cat requires.

Every cat is different when it comes to appetite and eating patterns. Mostly, if the cat has stopped eating for 24 hours, it is important to figure out the reason behind this food strike, and the reason could be medical or they do not like their food.

However, the cats can go for 2 weeks without having food. Nevertheless, at the same time, if they do not eat for more than one day it is advised to monitor them for health conditions. A regular intake of food is very necessary to keep them healthy and going.

Why My Cat Has Stopped Eating

Now, come to the factors that can influence why your cats might stop eating. There can be several reasons that play a significant role in the appetite of your cats and keep you wondering why they are not eating. It is very important to recognize the reason with the help of a vet or yourself and get the issue fixed to keep them healthy.  Below you can find the factors and watch out for them to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

How Long Can Cats Go Without Food?

The following are the possible reasons your cat stops eating:

Dental Problems

There are various dental problems like toothache, fractured teeth, and discomfort. This can also be identified if they have stinky breath. They might not be able to eat from both sides, so might be using one side to chew. This all can be a bit painful for these little creatures and thus they will just try to stop eating.

Anxiety and Depression

The cats also have feelings like humans and at times, it is normal for them to feel depressed and low. The anxiety is real and they might feel restlessness, social withdrawal or anxiety can highly affect their eating pattern and behavior. Thus, they might stop eating when they do not have control over their anxiety and depression.

Change in food

Change in food

The cats are also very much possessive about their food and taste. The change in the food can highly affect cats; they might take time to adapt to the new taste and thus can stop eating for a while. Even the smell of the food can trigger them. Therefore, it is mandatory to identify their taste and feed them according to them. If they are not satisfied with the packed food, then you have to check the way to make homemade cat food. It is always a good idea to gradually change the food instead of drastically, as adaptation to new tastes is also an issue.

Medicines or Vaccination

Medications affect humans the same way it influences cats as well. Every medicine has some kind of side effects making you feel dizzy or even changing the taste of your mouth. They might also feel certain side effects and not feel like eating.  If your cat recently has any sort of vaccination, even then they might not feel like eating in a few cases.

Digestive Problems

Digestive issues like vomiting and diarrhea in cats can make them feel low and they will stop eating or they might want to be careful to get rid of their pain soon. It is mandatory to fix this issue before they get dehydrated.

Allergies from Food

Just like humans, fee lines are also prone to allergies. Food Allergy is also a factor if you have changed the cat food. Every food might not suit your cat and can trigger some serious allergies.  If they have started eating less along with symptoms like skin problems or vomiting, then you need to consider this by changing the food or consulting the vet at the earliest.

Serious Health Conditions

Lastly, there can be serious health conditions that can affect the fur balls. This includes kidney disease, cancer, liver issues, pancreatitis, and diabetes. This can result in weakness and weight loss for the cat eventually. Only the vet can identify these chronic health issues and if you notice that, your cat is not eating and then you might.


No one likes to eat in noisy and crowded areas. Eating in the busy and hustle area is not preferred by every cat as they all are different. The comfort zone is mandatory for healthy eating and without any worry, as they are little creatures who at times tend to get scared by even minor inconveniences or noise.

What to do if your cat stops eating

If the cat stops eating then you have to figure it out at the earliest to stop any kind of unforeseen event. There are certain steps you need to do like changing the time, changing their food place and their food plate. You can try placing their food plate in a less crowded area so they can eat comfortably as the peaceful environment can help them eat better as compared to the noisy place. While adding some kind of topper to the food for a change in taste. You can take these steps in the first 24 hours.

If it still does not get better and they do not resume eating then it is high time for you to rush your cat to the vet to diagnose the underline issue and get the proper treatment to keep them healthy and eating. Healthy eating is mandatory for your cats and in the end, it will also keep cat moms and cat dads happy and satisfied avoiding any tension for your little pets.

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